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Feedback from previous workshops

Indian Dance workshop at Bordersley Green:

Fozia Malik

I have really enjoyed the sessions of classical Indian Dance. Found it encouraging and therapeutic. I t was relaxing and it was good to learn new techniques of dance and gestures and what they signify.

Rehna Sharif

I have enjoyed the session. They have been very active and interesting. Learnt new techniques.Good workout and relaxing at the same time.Chithra has been brilliant. Hope to have more of such sessions.

Feedback from participants of the Bharatanatyam workshop ‘Sanskriti’:

Indu Seshadri

The workshop was very easy to understand, there was a good mix between listening and dancing activities. It introduced me to the basics of dancing. Would be interested in participating in future workshops conducted by ShruthiUK.The best about the workshop was the way the artist/instructor explained about the dance. I would like to pursue Bharatanatyam and would recommend to my friends as well. It was very easy to understand

Swetha – aged 8 years

The workshop was interesting and very easy to understand. I like to dance and give my expression. I wish to learn this dance and would like to attend more of such dance workshops conducted by ShruthiUK

Shreya – aged 10 years

I found it very easy to understand. I learnt how to show more expression. I really enjoyed and it was a good learning experience. The instructor was very responsive to the participant’s questions. I liked the story telling the best.

Shraddha – aged 5 years

I loved to learn ‘tha tha theya ‘ and enjoyed dancing / I like to dance.


I enjoyed the workshop. I understood the essential bharatanatyam and its history. The instructor was very knowledgeable and it was very easy to understand and relate. Learning the ‘Ganesha shloka’ was the best part I liked the most in the workshop. I would like to pursue Indian dance and on a regular basis. I would love to recommend this workshop to all my friends. She showed several ways of expressing and dancing. Very impressive.

Sreenivas Ramakrishnan-aged 14 years

I believe in my opinion that music is a great option career wise as well as studying. Music covers many barriers and puts the awnser to where no mouth can reach. Music is a way of expressing feeloings of one another by potraying hidden methods like dance and Carnatic vocals. I also think music is a very aspiring subject if you have a very knowledgeable teacher. What i like most in indian classical music is the general as they have many chapters with easy and hard songs which is very fun to undergo. I do like workshops in general as they have a nice tranquil and friendly environment. You also learn a lot of crucial information about the history and background of where a song came from and how the composer came of writing it. Furthermore i’d like to add about composers lives and what they were,how they led their lives and what they liked about music.Overall i enjoy music classes and learn lots of vital information good job!

Phoebe Little – aged 12 years

Very easy to understand the movements and gestures. It was definitely a useful learning experience. I didn’t even know what it was before .So it was all learning and very well taught. The best part of the workshop is the expressions part. I would sure consider pursuing this art form if it is close to where I live. I would sure recommend this to all my friends. Overall, it was a very enjoyable, friendly and educational workshop.

Varalika – aged 7 years

The workshop was very comprehensive and easy to understand. A useful learning experience. I liked everything about this workshop. I would like to pursue learning this art form and join classes on a regular basis. I would love to recommend this workshop to all my friends. I liked the new ‘adavus’

Rama Ramiah

It was a good taster for the actual dance form. A good mix between listening and dancing activities. The instructor was knowledgeable well-prepared and responsive to participant’s questions. I would certainly be interested in pursuing this art form and join classes on a regular basis. It brought back memories of childhood and learning dance as a child. I would sure recommend this workshop to all my friends.

Other comments:

Mrs. Jane Essex, Head of Doxey community, Stafford

” Thank YOU very much for bringing this informative and aesthetic display. The 22 people who came on a hot July day were fascinated by what you told them of the histroy of the dance form, and enjoyed the intepretation you gave them of traditional stories. We particularly liked being able to try out some of the symbols and moves ourselves at the end, many of us were surprised at how difficult they were! We really appreciated why the training is so extended for a professional dancer in this tradition.”

Mrs. Geetha Sathyanarayana says

“Dr. Chitra Ramakrishnan’s Carnatic Vocal concert on the occasion of Kumhabishekam of Lord Balaji Temple, Tividale, has left a wonderful memory in my mind. The compositions she delivered were in the right tempo, filled with all important ingredients, ‘Bhakti & Bhava’. The artist is gifted with lucid and pleasant voice, which makes her singing mature and confident with no superfluous add-ons. Her performance was very pleasing to the ears indeed! “

Audience review of her concert at Selaiyur Sangeetha Sabha, Chennai

“It was an interesting and enjoyable evening on December , when I was invited by Ln Prof.Dr.Seetharaman to attend the music concert of his daughter Dr.Chithra Ramakrishnan.The concert was conducted under the auspices of Selaiyur Sangeetha Sabha, Selaiyur in association with the Marghazhi Utsavam in Chennai

PMJF Lion R.A.S Mani, Chennai

The performance of Dr.Chithra Ramakrishan was excellent comparable to any renowned artist.
I am a keen and good listener of Carnatic music. The Marghazhi Maha Utsavam programme conducted by Jaya TV was a great entertainment by stalwarts like Sudha Raghunathan. T.N.Seshagopalan,Nithyashree and many others. And I thought I would be missing a very good concert on the TV on the 25th of December. But when I listened to the sweet melodious voice of Dr.Chithra, I honestly felt that I was listening to a better performance as compared to renowned artist Sudha Raghunathan. I must record my great appreciation of the excellent performance by Dr.Chithra. Blessed are the Indian residents abroad in U.K. to be entertained by Dr. Chithra. May God bless her to rise to great heights!


My daughter thoroughly enjoys her music lessons with Mrs Chithra. She is a very dedicated teacher. She has her own unique style of teaching and always makes sure that students learn the notes perfectly. She encourages students to learn the history and heritage of Carnatic music.I am really happy that she is able to teach my daughter. I am sure that Mrs Chithras work will lead to great success.

Anu Ananth

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all support you are extending to Ankita to learn music . She always had a passion to learn but I was nt sure if she can be accepted as a student as she was quite young . But you were kind to give her a chance . She is progressing very well and is keen to practise everyday at home . Your one to one training with her really helps her . Further to, the importance you give for assignment pushes her further to understand our heritage and know about the genius in the music field . If not for this , am not sure if I would have educated her on these and I am ever so grateful to you for training on the kids on our roots and just not music .

The music workshop that you conduct regularly is a gem on the crown and it makes her more excited to participate in group singing and she keeps looking forward for it. We are lucky to have you in Solihull, so that our kid has an opportunity to learn from such an eminent person like you. Ankita enjoys attending her music class and workshop every time and thanks to you for making it special.

Feedback of Chamber music concert/workshop in Carnatic music – Suraj

Thank you for inviting me and giving an opportunity to be a part of the wonderful workshop It was indeed my pleasure to be involved with such a talented group.

1) Excellent initiative from Shruthi UK. Chamber concerts like this provides a platform for performing artists to discuss and understand the finer aspects of music. The informal atmosphere help ed in a free flow of knowledge which is a true benefit of chamber concerts.

2) A venue for vocalists to practice with an accompaniment, thereby giving a concert like experience. In fact this is true for everyone who is attending the chamber concert , artists and music lovers alike.

3) An opportunity for new artists to showcase their talents and share their knowledge with the community.
I sincerely look-forward for more of such similar sessions.

Mrs Arathi Harish

Learning music from Mrs Chithra Ramakrishnan is a very enriching experience for my daughter. She is not only getting trained in Carnatic Music, but also her guru is a very accomplished personage, who has a rich musical background. A distinctive feature of her classes are that each student gets individual one-on-one attention. The students do not only get trained in the fundamentals of Carnatic Music and the art of singing, but they also are encouraged to gain a lot of insight into rich history and traditions, by way of assignments on the pillars of Carnatic Music, such as Thyagaraja, Muthuswami Dikshitar etc. My daughter has a better understanding and appreciation of Carnatic Music and enjoys her classes.

The Carnatic Music workshops are very educational, where the emphasis is on group learning, children of all age groups come together for a focussed session of learning, singing harmoniously in a group. Various activities such as quizzes, word searches are carried out, which aid in obtaining knowledge about the history of Carnatic Music. The class conducted on Saraswathi Puja day, during Navratri, to invoke the blessings of Goddess Saraswati, was a very special experience.

Today’s workshop was exquisite, my daughter really enjoyed the group learning. Thank you Chithra, for a wonderful learning experience, and I hope Anupama has many more such opportunities on her journey of Carnatic Music.