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Promote Indian Classical Music, Dance and preserve the rich Indian Culture in the U.K. and beyond.

Encourage local talent and other art enthusiasts in the community and provide opportunities to work with International professional artists.

Arts in Education : Creating a good environment for opportunity and growth by lecture-demonstrations and classes for children and the community and enhance their participation and creativity.

Create an awareness of the rich Indian culture and heritage through art – related workshops ,share and experience it with the modern audiences.

Organise and showcase events, master classes and collaborate the local talent with the International artists wherein each student will be encouraged to bring forth their potential as an artist.

Dance and Music well-being program: Designed for the dance/music educators and the dancers to assist and educate the community at large about the positive effects of music and dance.

Work with children and young adults, underprivileged, specially challenged, people with disability and the community at large.

Empowerment – learning different cultures – collaboration- Teamwork- Education- positive attitude- Mutual respect- Creativity and Integrity

To impart performing arts in an effective, easy and make it an enjoyable experience to children and young adults and to the community.

Promote Indian culture and tradition through the Classical music and dance forms. Beginner’s course in South Indian Classical Dance and Classical Music (Carnatic Music) Introduce these art forms to children and young adults and engage them through workshops, classes, education, wellness and outreach programs.

We work in partnership with various professional, art organisations and communities in the UK.